Professor CJ Hollett


Proffessor CJ Hollett

After roughly 7 years of full-time study of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I received my black belt. In that moment people started calling “Professor”. It didn’tsound right. That’s not why I got into jiu jitsu. I didn’t care about the belt or the title that came with the promotion. All I knew was that this jiu jitsu thing has changed me and for the better. It was like this secret life trick someone showed me and I wanted everyone else to know about it.

Rewind 20 years and you have a young man growing up poor in a home with little to no guidance or supervision. At the age of 16 I was asked if I could live with a friend because we were to poor. So I did.  I wasn’t the best at picking my friends back then. I was quickly into much more trouble then I could handle. I was in and out of jail for fighting on a regular basis, something me and my friends had in common. Take that combo and add in some alcohol and trouble is a blink away. The moment that changed my life forever. A night that had all the wrong ingredient got out of hand and someone lost their life. A moment I have to live with forever. This is the one thing I would like to change in my life. That being said I wouldn’t be the man I am today without these experiences. I am beyond grateful for my hard times, my rehabilitation, and the opportunity to redeem myself daily by serving my community.

And I have come a long way personally since that day back in 1998!
Enter jiu jitsu! I learned about jiu jitsu from my brother and father and began studying it privately during my rehabilitation. Immediate upon my release I began serious training in “the gentle art”! Martial arts and especially jiu jitsu has brought me calmness that I’ve never had. In every case you have to think your way out of all problems. If there is a larger opponent on top of you you quickly learn anger, brute force and getting frustrated never works. You must think under the most intense situations. I read once that if you can think your way through the stressful situations of a fight you can easily think your way through any life situation. This is what jiu jitsu did for me. This is what I want it to do for you! I want your kids to feel safe and confident at school. I want women to feel safe walking home at night. I want grown men that lack confidence to feel like they can get through anything.

That’s why I teach.